Anti-Aging Facials

At De La Mer, we bring you some of the finest anti-aging facials. Each of our anti-aging facials offers enduring results and make your skin look younger.
Targeted at curbing the visible signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin, our anti-aging facial uses ingredients that can heal your skin cells and give it a younger appeal. Our expert estheticians analyze your skin so as to choose the best suited anti-aging facial for your skin type.

Nimue Advanced Anti-aging Treatment

Recommended for – Mature skin

De La Mer day spa offers you the finest range of Nimue anti-aging treatments, designed for the mature skin type. Mature skin becomes more prone to aging side effects and needs special treatment to maintain elasticity and look healthy. This facial works best for the 40+ skin by providing plumpness, firmness and better texture to the skin.
The treatment lasts for  75 minutes during which your skin is treated to gentle exfoliation and massages which revive your dead skin cells and boost the production of skin firming protein – elastin and collagen.

Want to give your aging skin a healing touch? Try our Nimue anti-aging treatment!

AED 450
Nimue Advanced Anti-aging Treatment

75 mins (with Collagen face film: AED 495)

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