Body Scrub Benefits

Beautiful skin takes work. You might be mindful of the importance of exfoliating your face, but what about the rest of your body? You’re covered from head to toe in skin, and that skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells, and these accumulated impurities slowly start damaging our skin resulting in clogged pores, dryness, itchiness, uneven skin tone and many other skin related problems.

The best and easiest way to combat your skin issues and attain that healthy, smooth and supple glow by undergoing a full Body Scrub.

A body scrub not only leaves you with skin as soft as a baby’s, but the scent of De La Mer’s various scrubs are also a treat for your senses. We use the finest quality natural minerals mixed with different massage oils and aromatic oils.

A body scrub treatment is carried out using gentle organic exfoliants which remove the impurities from your skin and leave your skin hydrated. The abrasive materials used in the process often include salt, sugar, coffee grounds, and rice bran. These are mixed with certain types of oils and are then gently rubbed on your body.

At De La Mer day spa, you get to avail the best Body Scrub treatments at the hands of expert therapists. Our experienced therapists first analyze your skin type and then advise the right scrub type which can complement your body needs.

Our body scrub treatments take place in the Pearl room, which is a mini VIP room that includes a floatation bed, Hydrobath as well as a private shower.

Indulge yourself with a De La Mer Body Scrub treatment by booking an appointment today!

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Body Scrub Benefits

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