Deep Cleansing Facials

At De La Mer we offer you a range of deep cleansing facials that extracts excess oil and dirt from your pores allowing your skin to breathe. These treatments also include removal of whiteheads and blackheads giving your skin a rejuvenated look. Our aestheticians analyze your skin thoroughly and then recommend the best suited deep cleansing facial for your skin type.

Nimue Deep Cleanse Treatment

Recommended for- Acne prone skin

If your skin is prone to acne, any regular skin treatment won’t do. Our deep cleanse treatment done using Nimue skin care products treats acne by penetrating your pores and getting rid of dirt and impurities that reside in the inner layers of your skin.

A deep cleanse treatment fights the acne problem by treating it from the root through cleansing, steaming, extraction and healing mask. This 60 minutes facial cleanses your skin from within and frees it from dirt. Your clogged pores get opened during the steaming process while extraction works further in removing other impurities. The facial process ends with a healing mask that smoothens the skin texture and offers you a firm & brighter looking skin.

Go acne free by treating your skin with deep cleanse treatment.

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Nimue Express Facial

Recommended for – All skin types 

Ideal to try the Nimue range –  Suitable for most skin types. Able to improve the state of the skin by specifically inhibiting or neutralizing the effects of free radicals in the skin. Includes exfoliation with enzymatic gel exfoliator to deep cleanse, brightening and even out the skin tone followed with appropriate face mask depending on the skin type. This is a 30 minute treatment.

AED 210
Nimue Express Facial

30 mins

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