Foot & Legs

Recommended for- Improved circulation in feet & legs

Our legs and feet often get ignored and small pangs and discomforts often go unheeded. Some of us spend long hours each day sitting still, or barely moving around, while others are always on their feet, having to run around. Whether you move your feet and legs a lot or not, the situation often leads to tired & aching limbs, swollen ankles or cramps.

A quick leg and feet massage at the end of the day can do wonders in reducing aches and improving the sluggish blood flow. It even reduces the tension that builds up in your feet muscles as your legs and feet bear the entire weight of your body. Foot & Legs massage energize your feet and legs and help you to be on your toes with ease & comfort.

At De La Mer, we offer you a comprehensive Foot & Legs massage that lasts for 30 minutes and leaves you relaxed and at ease.
Re-energize your tired feet and legs with our Foot & Legs massage!

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AED 190
Foot & Legs
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