Guac N Glow Facial

Best Enjoyed: When craving a cool, luscious whip

The Mood: One mean green

Experience: Ahhhhvocado to the rescue! This facial leaves you smooth and completely refreshed. It begins with a hydrating, minty-crisp Green Tea Milk Cleanser. Next, a powder blend-combining powerhouse turmeric, mango butter, poppy seeds, milk and clay – allows exfoliation and hydration to begin. After a quick rinse, bask in a dollop of Guac Star revitalizing and cooling mask that nourishes skin with avocado oil, butter & extract, essential fatty acids, moisture-locking ingredients and skin-feeding super antioxidants – green tea, goji fruit and pomegranate. Once you’ve hit a happy shade of green, we apply a skin brightening super serum. Three milk moisturizer, infused with patented peptides, helps soften deep wrinkles, while Crow Catcher Eye Transformation Serum helps say goodbye to tired eyes and hello to a more vibrant you!

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AED 265
Guac N Glow Facial

60 min

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