Lemon Pudding Pie Brightening Facial

Best Enjoyed: Feeling like comfort food (for the skin)

The Mood: Pour some pudding on me

Experience: This whipped blend of pudding & sugared delight provides such gentle renewal! We begin with a steaming nectar whole milk and chicory root wrap to soften and calm skin with vitamins and buttery fats. Next, a pH-balanced, creamy green tea extract cleanser helps hydrate as it goes to work. We whip your skin into flawless shape with One Fine Day, a lemony shea butter and sugar polish that leaves skin dewy-soft. Next, a tingling tapioca flour, rice and glycolic fruit extract AHA mask sloughs away dry skin, bringing refined skin to the forefront. Omce smooth skin is in place, we apply layers of peptide-enhanced moisturizers and serums – from a deep wrinkle-softening botanical milk moisturizer to an allover brightening serum and eye transforming serum that smooth’s the look of crow’s feet.

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