Signature Facials

At De La Mer, you will come across a wide range of signature facials all of which are tailored around your specific skin needs. Our skin care expert will create this luxurious treatment as per your individual skincare needs. These specific facial treatments merge products rich in vitamins, botanical extracts and antioxidants to address skin problems like dryness, oily skin & sensitive skin.

Nimue Rejuvenation Booster Treatment

Recommended for- Sun damaged & hyperpigmented skin

Environmental factors such as pollution and sun rays lead to severe skin damaging which includes hyperpigmentation. A pigmented skin lacks natural charm and appears dull & lifeless.

If your skin is damaged, no beauty treatment would work effectively on it. To help you deal with damaged and problematic skin, De La Mer day spa offers the rejuvenation booster treatment that uses renowned Nimue skin care products.
The facial lasts for around 60 minutes and it heals damaged skin, treats hyperpigmentation and even works for improving skin elasticity, tone and texture. Give your skin the healing boost with our Rejuvenation booster treatment!

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