Slimming Massage

Recommended for: Weight loss and reduction of cellulite

Anti-cellulite massage is combination of a relaxing drainage massage which increases blood circulation and facilitates the flow of lymph which is related to improving of the drainage and tissue regeneration. It is very favorable in cellulite reduction and has wonderful lifting benefits and more targeted kneading on the problem areas and improves the body sculpture, particularly buttocks, thighs and waist, which can help flatten the abdomen and improve digestion and really working into your intestines and stomach to help get things moving. This also helps to clear skin as the digestive tract is cleared and toxins can pass through, which not only cause bloating and digestive problems, but also break outs and skin conditions.

It’s incredibly motivating and it makes you feel good and aware of your body – spurring you on to treat it right and really look after it.”

This massage uses different techniques of lymphatic, kneading, rolling, moving and percussion.

Recommended to buy series of treatments for best results!

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AED 370
Slimming Massage

60 mins

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