Thai Herbal Pouch Massage

Recommended for- Joint pain, arthritis & weight loss

Thai Herbal Pouch Massage is more of a therapeutic treatment that combines the elements of aromatherapy, acupressure, muscle and connective tissue massage, and Shiatsu techniques.

This massage therapy is carried out in combination with an oil massage. These pouches, made of natural fabric, cotton or linen, are pre-steamed for 20-30 minutes. Each pouch contains a variety of selected Thai herbs and over 30 spices which include ginger, patchouli and others. The massage with herbal pouches is done gently but at the same time is very effective as it warms and relaxes tight muscles.

This massage even helps to increase metabolism and improves blood circulation in the tissues. The herbs and essential oils present in the pouch help in providing relaxation to both your mind and body. Aroma of herbs cleans the respiratory system, and thus affects the entire body.

These herbal pouches also absorb all the sweat and toxin from your body thus helping in detoxifying your body. This massage works great in easing joint pain, treating arthritis and even burning the stubborn fat- as the heat from pouches melt away excess of body fat.

Your Thai Herbal Pouch Massage at De La Mer day spa would last for around 90 minutes. And the best part of our massage therapy is that most of the herbs and spices like ginger are grown in our own spa garden with tender care and affection! These are tailored in regards to your body needs and offer the best results.

Experience the goodness of natural herbs with our Thai Herbal Pouch Massage!

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